Concept development/City planning/Landscaping

Havana applied for the Olympics in 2012. This project is part of a total planning for the games in Havana.

The basic idea is to create a sutstainable Olympic Village that easily can be converted to a New City in Havana after the Olympics..
The layout of the New City is based upon three heritages; the Olympics, the Old military base and Havana. This is pictured through the Olympic plaza, the landning avenues and the tropical vegetation.

The grid is laid out so the Northeastern tradewinds will sweep through and cool the inhabitants and buildings. Shaddowfull trees line the roads and create two green zones for pedestrians which cut through the whole area. The schools and plazas is placed in theese green walkaways.

The inside of the blocks is meant to be green, with trees and areas for kitchengardens, and in some of them also a small square with possibility for a restaurant or a kiosk.

The Olympic Village is designed for 16.000 visitors with an area of 290.000m2. Although the old base can sustend 30.000 people with an total area of 561.000m2 . Existing hangars of 27.000 m2 will be used for sporting facilities, the five restaurants of 21.000m2 for the athletes will be redesigned to schools after the Olympics. 27.000m2.