Aalborg Muncipality
Planning/ Landscape/Planting

The area lies very close to the center of Aalborg and it is vital to preserve the area as a green lunge for the citizens to enjpy. To be able to do this an overall plan that clearly shows the possibilities and variety in the area was needed.

The overall idea is to preserve and encourage the openess of the area and the views to the fjord. At the same time it is vital for the use of the area to create lee from the neverending western wind that sweeps through Aalborg most of the year. This is done by introducing leefences of small trees at selected strokes in north-south direction. This is an old tradition in Denmark at the countryside, but not much used in the cities.

In the area lies an openair bath from the fourties. The buildings are old and outdated, but with no money to restore or change it, this plan tries to find solutions that can be applied on a very strict budget. The bath is open three and a half months a year. The rest of the year it is closed area surrounded by earthern walls, so it is not possible to see through. This is a great problem for the openess and use of the area, and a possible solution is to remove the walls and replace them with a fence surrounded by hawthorn and wild rose bushes. During the summer it will bee a green wall, protecting the sunbathers from the gaze of bypassers, and during the winter it will be possible to see thrpugh the whole area.